sushi attack!

thrifted shirt, thrifted overall, Kupang gift bag, Bali gift bracelet, chocolat shoes.

bu Alice

bu Alice

ufh..sorry for lack update, i had a lot tasks to do and i got email attacked as well..XD

so, again i had met my besty Bu Alice for window shopping and had sushi as dinner. actually i don’t really like sushi, i prefer eat cooked food than raw food instead..hehe but i love the atmosphere of japanese restaurant especially for sushi restaurant..i dunno why..

PS: i miss “Mas” so much..we had less communication…


2 thoughts on “sushi attack!

  1. talithalubis says:

    thank u mba and red is my fav colour aku kok kurang pede ya pake tights walaupun suka bgt sama tights..;p

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