last weekend fun!

me n sister

me n sister

me n sista!

me n sista!

i love Indonesia!

i love Indonesia!

last weekend i was went to TMII with my two lil sisters.. we had so much fun.

we’re visited some museum there.  one time, we went to the museum KEPRAJURITAN. where the ticket price is just 1500 IDR!! u know what i felt? i felt so creepy in there. it’s because there’s nobody there but 3 of us!! can u imagine? i mean, i really sad of the Indonesia generation. most of them are prefer to go to the dept store, cafe, or somewhere that need a lot of money to pay or whatsoever.. but TMII, maybe most of them, think that going there is less cool than hang out in cafe or wherever.

for me, it’s really usefull place that we have to visit as the youth. we could get a lot of our history lessons, we don’t have to pay a lot of money. and even we have to pay for money it is really worth for. i thought this way because i didn’t saw  a lot of youth spent the weekend

okay, anyway we had time!

love u all my sisters! 🙂


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