since a few weeks ago i didn’t post any photos or something..it’s been my hardest situation..something that really shocking me out really happened.

i pray for any miracles that would happen if we’re believe…

i pray for these to be happen :

1. my father will get better soon and back to our normal life..and that’s the best miracle for us..

2. me, graduate this year..this will become the best present for my parents..esp my Father..

3. having “mas” as mine forever with no more barriers..

4. stay in my office..

at first i was shocked, but now i can deal with it..i wish there’s a lot of new things, or people could makes me stronger than before..besides my family and Mas..

love u Dad, Mom n Mas…u’re all the greatest things in my life..before my pray, u’re already became my miracle..


4 thoughts on “miracle..

  1. oh, i wish you dreams will come true. I wish your dad a speedy recovery. and i believe you can graduate this year. if you want it really bad, you will get it! good luck.

    and thanks for your support, it meant a lot for me. and of course we should meet up. we live in the same city, so why not meeting up, right? it’s always good to have new friends 🙂

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