Hibernate done!

on April 14th i was like… oh my goodness..what’s wrong with my country..with my nation..i am so sad, literally. it was like hell on earth, they tried to kill each other. and there was a victim. as Indonesian people said “menang jadi arang, kalah jadi abu”. there’s no one won the battle. but however, i love my country. i love the splendour of its nature, the beaches, the weather…

i pray if there’s no war but peace in my country and around the world.

uuhh things are getting harder to achieve. i’ve tried my best to keep this blog updated.but, hh well..still, i couldn’t make it. and even worse, i put my not-so-old picture that taken by my big bros. i was like…awwhh..i got the most beautifull results even i didn’t dress up. well, take a peek.. 😀

shirt & aladdin pants are brandless, bag : gift from my beloved friend, sandals : symbolize

and these are the crews..hoo i love my big bros..

have a nice day! 🙂


10 thoughts on “Hibernate done!

  1. Dear talitha..
    kasih tau dunk caranya pake kerudung nya..kok kayanya enak bgt ngiketnya d leher..hehehe..klo aq pake jilbab diiket d leher kok rasanya sumpek..

    • talithalubis says:

      hai devi..hm caranya ya?ok next aku buat post step-step gimana cara pake jilbab yg rapih deh.. good idea kayanya.. sabar yah.. 🙂
      oya, thank u for coming..

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