well, these are my photos for my recent activity with my besty.. i had a fabolous week. a week, not only weekend but whole day in a week. actually i have some hesitation of my plan in couple months mom asked me to accompany her to go to Umroh..but, actually i still doubt of what my decision later. so far, i still follow the process. but i need a huge encouragement to make me sure of what will i take. what i think is, a lot of sins, big moral responsibility and sort of.. am i ready for that?? *sigh*

biker jacket : bloop endorse

loose shirt : my fathers

pants : brandless

sandals : garagestore

have a really really great day guys!


7 thoughts on “brownies

  1. waalaikum salam..thalita..
    iya sy juga ms terus belajar, yg penting terus blajar spy jd lbh baik lg..smangat y!^^
    and thank you for your visit dear.. love your biker jacket and sandals!

  2. talithalubis says:

    @ mbak aifa : iya mbak, sama2..terima kasih jg ya udah visit.. 🙂
    @ aishi lely : hai dear, salam kenal jg. terima kasiiihh.. 🙂
    @ retno : thank you dear 🙂
    @ cihudhood: thank you daarl..
    @ dd : maacih.. 😉

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