Yesterday, i got an invitation to attend breakfasting media gathering with Kaskus at eCorner Epicentrum walk. They had Ade Ray as their new contributors in health forum. i think i’m going to visit that forum regularly regarding my lack of health concern :p . and we also had a fab time enjoying our breakfasting dinner accompanied by Mike’s Band. I often heard of them, but yesterday was the first time i saw them jammin live. and one question popped in my head, “why on earth i never heard them singing??they’re so fantastically cool!”. Sooo..MIKE’S officially be my new fav band.

*pardon my wide face.. -__-‘. if u shocked? then u’re with me*


20 thoughts on “Ngabuburit…

    • talithalubis says:

      hello dear, thank you. yeah, i’m not that confidence to put a lot of layers together..hehe..besides, it’s damn hot.. 🙂
      thank you for visit 😉

  1. Wow… love your style.. so cool! and I like the way you wrap your hijab… you look lovely in it.

    yeah, but I don’t think it suits me, because with two little kids around, they will pull out anything that hanging on me… 😉 and I think that kind of pashmina’s fabric is too hot to be worn in my city 🙂

    however, thanks for sharing! will check out more of your style 🙂

    • talithalubis says:

      hai rania, first of all thank u for ur visit! 🙂
      well, haha..u could use it in another way that suits you..or u could use thinner pashmina fabric. btw, where do u live?
      because, we have hot weather too..
      you’re welcome dear and keep coming back oh and i would love to read your every comments 😉

  2. Salam. You look lovely dear with that pashmina. Sometimes wearing it can be tricky due to weather and our face shape, but you do it well :p
    Anyway, did you wear ‘dalaman jilbab’ inside the pashmina? Because it looks so loose. And I want to still cover my neck to try your style. Any idea?
    Nice to know you anyway, talitha.

  3. heyy..I also have a blogspot and i’m doing a post on lace underscarves and you just happen to be wearing it very beautifully. would it be alright if i used one of your pics on how to wear the lace underscarf. let me know


  4. talithalubis says:

    Ass.wr.wb sister,

    @ anitko : yes dear, i wear sort of lace inner but it doesn’t cover my neck. it’s a lil bit tricky to lift the pashmina until it covered your neck. u can email me for further question dear at i would love to hear from you.. 🙂

    @ Riham : thank you dear..and, u can use my photo anytime..just let me know when u’ve feature it on your blog.. 🙂

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