My Hair’s Saviour

we can’t deny that the use of hijab could cause some problems in woman’s hair. although so many tips to prevent or even reduce the hair and scalp damage, but using the right shampoo, I think quite necessary to determine the outcome of all these prevention activities.

me, for instance having a very hard time to prevent my hair loss problem and super duper sensitive scalp it frustrating *grrr* , but since i used these products ohh i feel super thrilled by it! no no no…i’m not trying to promote one or some productss. but i’m such a sensitive person (include my heart tho :D), so i will not have a guts to use some other products that could make my body any worse. i don’t know if these products fits well in other person. but for me, as a high level sensitivity does fits me perfectly…

and now, i am using this type of shampoo.because, well…i’ve told you before that i have a very hard time of my hair loss problem. and now, it reduces my hair loss very well…i am incredibly satisfied! and the most important, it doesn’t make my hair any coarse..*dancing*

and for you who have a big deal with hair problem, i think this type can help you better.. just try it sometimes and dance with me afterward.. 😀

and for you who have a perfect princess beautiful hair (oh wait until i have it too!), this type really nice to keep it soft and shining.


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