My Paradise

We never really know how much something means for us until they gone… -unknown-

Year end getting any closer..and we couldn’t turn back time. there’s always a come and go. New Year will come by..and we always be able to make a lot of annual plan, but it doesn’t avoid us from any discouragement and failure. but to believe and having a faith of God is the best way to prevent us from lost.

and by then, i would like to give thanks to my greatest God, Allah SWT which already gave me countless blesses in my whole life..and in the last month of this year, i really grateful of having new friends Hijabers . You guys has been the greatest gift everrrr… *hugs*

for you, yes YOU who have been so special in my life..thank you for loving me that much… 🙂


5 thoughts on “My Paradise

  1. TFL says:

    fatima : hey dude, thank’s tons!i luurve your blog too.. hugs from indonesia 🙂

    lenny : terima kasih sudah mampir lenny 🙂

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