Not a Saint nor a Sinner…

Maybe people get bored about what i’m gonna say that i feel really lucky to have a life like i livin now.. but apparently, i would never get bored for what i’m gonna feel.. God have been so kind to me..what do you think you’re doing when you get one bless and share it to your closest relatives or spontaneously say it? for me, it’s just merely a thankful response!. i have no idea about people who thinks that they are less lucky than anybody else’s, i think people had their own goodness and sort of.

i have a friend, a very best friend whose family has been so (sorry) crap. broken home story. but, what makes me so love him/her is their toughness to face all the problem, and never (i really have no idea how could they be so strong) even have one single sigh about of what they have. they always say to me that they have to learn the lessons from it. i don’t know what i’m gonna do if i were them. and for that, i learn..A LOT.. from them. they taught me how to be a stronger person.

and i have one friend who always feels that she’s the most poor person in the world to have a life such hers. if only, if only she knew what people face in their life harder than her life…i will pray for her, so she could stop complain to God of what God’s gave her.

i am not a saint nor a sinner…but what’s wrong by keep recall of what God gave to me in all my life?. my Mom taught me to be a thankful person, and my Dad taught me to livin the life. they both taught me from their mistakes. they aren’t angels, but for me my parents is my Guardian. they do have a mistakes and failures.

i recall, where did i get all of those things in my life.. when i was child, my Dad taught me to read instead of comics, he gave me a history books, he taught me how to ride a bicycle, he taught me how to play a guitar, he taught me how to sing, he taught me how to paint, he taught me everything i need to face the world. while my Mom, taught me to be brave to do all of those things my father taught me to..

for me, “to have more” is different from “to feel you never had enough in your life”… be thankful people, and never forget to say thank you to anyone or anything you have in you life!. 🙂

be thankful peeps..




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