Happy Bday Me..

many greetings and wishes pouring down for me..i feel so blessed to have such a wonderful life..wonderful family, bestfriends, and colleagues..I’ve been surrounded by happiness, caring, joyful and sort of!. friend of mine asks me, what present do i want..i was thinking so hard..what i want actually..

i want a lot actually..i mean A LOT! but…when i recall..what do i need? and suddenly, i realize that God already fulfill almost all of my needs. so i want a lot, but i need nothing. because i think, what i had, what i have now, and what will i have tomorrow is the best thing God’s gives to me.. 🙂

i just wishing me to be more mature, wiser, better, greater, useful, barokah.. and for that i said Amin to God..thank you for all the wishes..it means so much for me :’)


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