Be Strong…

I’ve seen so many heartbreaking news lately.. Either in our nation or in other nation. Japan, has been stricken by earthquake, Tsunami and even nuclear radiation!. But, they mesmerize me how they could be so tough and keep in order waiting for every aids.

And yesterday, there was a bomb explode, again. As an additional problem in our country. That was so sad. We’ve been through so many problems here, political, culture, law, and now religion?. Why people, why we always have to think that we’re the right one, and they are the wrong one? and why it supposed to be that extreme?.

For me, I’ve been through so many criticals towards Hijab especially. Well, I am part of the Hijabers Community, and I am so glad to be part of them. Even, huge responsibility that we have to hold. For me, this community isn’t made to lecture or to teach you or whatsoever to dress like us. I mean, we’re here gathered because of our same experience. we know, so well that we still have so many flaws.. so many bad things.. but it doesn’t means that we keep doing that wrong thing or we should tell you all that we aren’t like the way you think.

I do, I do aware that that is your right to judge us the way you think.. and because of that, i’d like to thank you for being so kind to me to show me the right path..and of course, of course i consider that.. we’re all moslem should help the other moslem to be better right? 🙂

and finally, my outfit pict.. 🙂

ps : i’m so sorry for my unpleasant words.. i don’t mean to harm anyone.. it’s just me..a human being.. 🙂

have a nice day everyone,


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