Design my dreams..

Maybe I deserve to achieve the worst blogger I haven’t update my blog for a decade.
actually, I’m not an extrovert person so I couldn’t share so many things in my life to the public area. That’s why, I didn’t share too much about my personal life in this blog.
Maybe I could share a few things in my latest journey life today.. first of all, my beloved cactus has died, a cactus is a gift from someone that I hope will live longer in my hand *phew* but unfortunately it hasn’t, and the saddest thing is I have to say goodbye to several people who has so much memories in my’s tremendously breaking but, when there’s a goodbye, there’s a new hello. people come and go, memories keeps stay in our mind. so I think, we should treat people as best as we can before they gone and it’s too late.

And the biggest news lately is my baby almost done, and I wear a teaser of it. yes, wear it. this is my everlasting dream to have such a cool brand of mine. literally, it’s not only my brand but I and Puput try to pull our things and efforts together to make this dream comes true. it’s gonna be something special for us and for you too. we make something special for a special you. hope you like our teaser collection. our website is still under maintenance. we hope to get bigger soon, but now we’ll gonna take one step at a time.. 🙂

About month ago, hijabers had a community launching party. I feel so grateful that I could be part of them and have so many experiences and friends. unfortunately, I don’t have a lot photo of mine and fortunately my friends took some picture of mine wearing our (me and Puput) Thalassas in their cameras.

the last photo is taken from Siti Juwariyah



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