Packed Month…

Long time no post 😀
hello March, and hello world. March become the very packed month for me. first, it was my birthday on the 1st of march, and the next 2 days, was my wedding day! There are so many things I’ve been through year after year. Sadness, Happiness, Hello, Goodbye, Old, New, and sort of. A lot of wishes happens Alhamdulillah, and another upcoming wishes InshaAllah… 🙂

There are a lot of people asking me about life after marriage.. hehe.. well, can’t share thou. it’s a secret :p. but for sure, it’s a very very very different world for me. as i live my life alone for 24 years, i mean, i have no older younger sister or brother, i am the only child in the family (Hey, you must thinking that I’m a kind of spoiled kid?!) and now i have to share my own world with another person called My Husband, sounds… ehmm… Well i have to get used to it :)). I don’t know whether my parents spoiled me or no, but i never felt that way thou. they always asked me the reason when i asked for something, why do i need those? why do i need these? and stuffs.

Otherwise, my Mom always teach me something different. She said, “not because you’re the only child in the family so you can get everything you want easily dear.. but, because you’re the only one, that’s why you have to be able to do and to get everything by your own self”. I used to cranky to hear sort of preach by my mom or dad. But, nowadays i know the reason behind it. They said, because when the time my parents have to see Allah SWT, they want me to be Independent, Strong, Brave and i shouldn’t depend on people but Allah SWT :’).

I forget the last thing i want for my birthday from my parents. Because, i think i have the best gift ever that God gives me for the rest of my life, My Family… Yes, they are the best gift ever! and i couldn’t ask for more… and now, God gives me another best gift anymore this year for my birthday… an Imam for me…

just a glimpse of my wedding day photo, a lot of photos waiting to be posted :p


3 thoughts on “Packed Month…

  1. suci perwita says:

    i’ve got u blog from pupututami.blogspot.comwhen i searched HIJAb. and my big pleasure that we have SAME BIRTHDAY!!! lovely first MARCH!!! 😀

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