Jogjakarta :)

I was at Jogja last week together with my company members. We had a very fun trip along the way. We’re using Argo Lawu executive train to have longer journey time means we have more crazy time together :D.

At the first day, we went to Keraton, Carriage Museum (Museum Kereta disini adalah kereta kuda), had a delicious lunch and ended up in Parangtritis beach. we took a lot lot of silly picture actually :p (but it’s off the record), and I’ll show you some of it.

We all had a surprise when we’re arrive. On our arrival, we’re planning to take a rest, breakfast and shower at on of my work mate’s house in Jogja. It located in Suryowijayan area which i (lately) know that it was sort of  “Servant of Sultan (Abdi Dalem)” area. Approximately, the father of my work mate is the nephew of Sultan Hamengkubuwono IX, so he sort of like a “Darah Biru” or ” The Member of Keraton Family” there. His Parents really really nice to us, he tells a story about Jogjakarta History which wasn’t written on our common history lesson (Surprised!). it’s really an honor for us to know the story.

Afterwards, he accompany us to Keraton and the museum. We had a lot of privilege that other tourist doesn’t get :p. We could get into some room that forbidden for public and he tells another histories. from his stories, we’re all just know that most of Keraton Horse Carriage are made in england. And our horse carriage equally beautiful as the England Royal Kingdom Carriage! (i’ll show you one of them).

Sultan HB IX Carriage

When the Keraton Tour has done we continue to had some lunch and went to Parangtritis beach. It was quite windy and cold at the moment, but it doesn’t make us less fun thou :p.

my best team ever!

office mate and brotherlike :p

uber cool isn’t it? 😀

there are still a lot of story to tell, but i write it in my other blog “Horas From Us” :D.

anyway, these are some of my (cool) candid photos :p. been long time no post aight?

unbranded pashmina,Rayban Cat Eyes sunnies, Thalassa Niks Top, unbranded bottom, unbranded bag, Mphosis sandals

Thalassa Rhea Top

kiss :*



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