The Wedding (Preparation) Part I

So as i promised to you that i will post my wedding post. These are the preparation for my wedding reception which held on last March 2012 in Bidakara Hotel. The theme of the wedding itself is a traditional Javanese wedding with white flower decoration and entertained by Javanese traditional music just like i used to dream of.

It’s kinda hard for javanese bride to use this traditional costume if you’re wearing hijab actually. But, Alhamdulillah my wedding traditional make up artist able to did that. Most of the people think that i took off my hijab at the moment. But the truth is, my hair is covered by black thick tulle up to my ears. So technically, my hair is fully covered :).


We chose cactus as a souvenirs, because i want it to be something useful for the recipients and also we can contribute in “go green” program *ehem* :p

That’s all for some of the preparation, i’ll post some of the reception ceremony, and the “akad nikah” later. stay tune! 😉


6 thoughts on “The Wedding (Preparation) Part I

  1. nn says:

    I love traditional Java weddings, or traditional weddings in general. I find that traditional weddings in Malaysia is a rare thing nowdays that people tend to do a minimalist, simple wedding. No traditional songket attires like in the 90s.

    • TFL says:

      i guess it’s not only in Malaysia, Indonesian youngster nowadays tend to have some kind of western wedding party. but some part of me likes that simple wedding concept with closest friends, but some part of me also really really love traditional wedding ceremony, for me it is more sacred. 🙂

  2. Aii says:

    keren dech, tetep covered rambut. kk ksh lihat full pict donk. sekalian buat reverensi nich. Mo nikah pke paes tp ttp hijab. Makasih kk… ^^

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