The Wedding Reception

I always love to see my wedding picture again and again and again… when i was kid, i used to say that i always wanna be a Traditional Javanese Bride or Traditional Bataknese Bride (Well, Lubis). Until i got married, i was just realize that it was all of my wish. I was like talking to my self at the day, “Eh I’ve spit once that i only want to be either Javanese or Bataknese bride, and now i become one of it!”. And all of that white flower was always be my wish to have to. Alhamdulillah.

It amazes me when i know how long that traditional cloth is. It’s more or less 30 meter in total!  and amazingly heavy when i try to pick it up. But the helper was so incredible!. A woman, quite old, i think she’s around 70 yo but she just need about less than 30 minutes to put all of that cloth around me!. Geez.

Anyway, I had such a blessed day at that time, and i hope everyone who came had it too :). Oh, and thank you for all of your prayer to us. Can’t thank enough.

the groom and the bride

the guess


The Decoration

My Wedding on 4 March 201, 7pm

Venue : Binakarna, Hotel Bidakara

Make Up : Sanggar Tien Santoso

Decoration : Heru Florist


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