Can I say I’m B(l)ack?

After a lot lot of post without my actual picture in it (sahelah) :p, well i think I’m B(l)ack to the real blogging world. I’m sorry, i know a lot of bluff inside my post. Maybe i don’t deserved to be called as blogger. Hmm… what should i say… :s as i blogged rarely (sigh). But lately, i don’t feel like to share anything.

But i guess I’m going to share a bit of my thought lately. I am in a grave confusion i can say. I’ve worked at the company for almost 4 years since i was in a college. So i started working when i prepared my final thesis. I am the only child in my family, and I used to do anything what my parents want me to do including working in a company with certain working hour from 9-5. But, all of it was worth a wait. Maybe i destined to through all of it to get to know what my real passion is.

I also feel so blessed for what i have until now. The very best Family, Husband, my 4 Bestfriend (which i called them my soulmate as we’ve known each other since we were kid and only 1 left from us is expecting her wedding within couple months! :’)), coolest and best co-worker ever at office, tremendously crazyyy Thalassa Team :))), and now me and my husband are expecting our first baby :’). Isn’t God is too good to me?

Finally, Couple years ago i decided to took a fashion short course by my own. Alhamdulillah the moment after, it’s getting better and better. I found my partner Puput Utami and recently Noi Hasibuan has joined us to build Thalassa together. At the first place, we did it for fun. But, after all i was thinking that this is my true passion. Fashion and creative world!. So, i am thinking to take the biggest step in  my life, resign from my job and focus on my tiny lil business together with my bestfriends. Wish us luck guys! And do shopping here! *wink*


Thalassa Basic Long Dress (Black),Dot dtails Pants, Zara Pump, Unbranded Acc and Pashmina


*such a crap face you’ll see for the rest of time -_-

Have a nice day everyone! 😀



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