A Whole New Step

Thalassa Rhea Stripe top, Dot d’tails wide pants, Zara Pump shoes

Recently, I’ve made one of my biggest decision of my life. Focus on my own business together with my 2 bestfriend and “retired” from my office work so i could have more times for my self and my family and of course to take care more of my (InsyaAllah) Lil N :’).

There are a lot of obstacles, hesitation, underestimation and so on. But I guess, that’s what makes my life even more stronger, colorful and happier. A lot of people questioning my decision, think that I’m stupid to resigned from my full time work and chose to be unstable (insyaAllah) entrepreneur.

Fashion is my Passion, and being entrepreneur is my wish. So, why not both?. I just feel the satisfaction when i get success from what i struggle of. It doesn’t mean that office worker couldn’t have such a satisfaction of getting their target goals. We just don’t have the same vision, that’s all. And that’s what makes world even more colorful right? the Diversity.

The most important thing from my decision is i got a full support from my Husband and my Parents :). and i will make them deserve it.

And for that, a little hint from Thalassa that we will have our website launched soon. Good us Luck! 😉


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