Happy Happy New Year 2013!

outer: oasis | maxi dress: unbranded| shoes: TLTSN | bags: unbranded

who had a blast on 2012?? you? you? me? yessss…. i really had a blast on 2012!there are somethings that i’d like to thank to God for what i’ve got so far :

  1. Getting Married in the early 2012, i’m getting married in 3 March 2012 with someone God chose for me.. 🙂
  2. Getting Pregnant in the middle of 2012. In this new year, i’m entering 7 months old.. it means, start to buy baby stuuff yeayyy :p
  3. Resigned from my office job. well, i can say this is one of the boldest step of my life. leaving my comfort zone behind and (really) starting to focus on Thalassa..

So, i wonder what will happen to me in 2013 later.. hmmm… actually, i never really shout out what is my resolution for every year. For me, what will be will be. It doesn’t mean that i don’t have any future vision or what, but i just don’t wanna  getting upset if something doesn’t work well. All i wish for every year is only getting better in every aspects of my life. Religion, Life, Love and everything. I just wanna have even the tiniest step of my life not just in every year but every second of my life even if i have to crawl bleeding. hehe.

But one thing for sure for 2013, InsyaAllah deliver my baby normally, having her/him as healthy as it could, being a good mother, wife and daughter. aannnddd, update my blog as often as possible :p

So, what’s your story in 2012? Happy new year to you guys!!





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