Bandung Short Escape

Had a very short escape to Bandung after Christmas and before new year, which was lucky us Bandung was quite empty even in the shopping center like Cihampelas or Rumah mode area! yeayness!!
Bandung weather was quite gloomy, and clean as usual. We stayed at Cieumbeleuit, The Ardjuna Hotel. We thought we could have much time “leyeh-leyeh” at hotel, but apparently the weather wasn’t so friendly for us to stay outside the hotel bedroom.

The Hotel is fine, but i just don’t feel the warmth feeling there. i don’t know it’s just me or what. hehe. But overall, it’s quite recommended.

anyways, i looks soooo big in the photo..haha.. that’s my 7 months old pregnancy. But most of the people says that my pregnancy quite small, hehe.. well, can’t wait for my lil baby to coming this March.. Would you please pray for us?

I don’t feel a very hard pregnancy actually Alhamdulillah, but lately my backpain is getting worse.. any advice to at least make it less pain..? :/

I wonder my blog will be filled by most of my baby’s picture and his/her development.. ooh i can’t wait to capture my angel’s best moments.. 🙂


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