Happy Bestday my Bestman :)


Today is my husband’s birthday.. and also today is the first time i could be able to greet him birthday directly face to face in the 12.00 am after 7 years we’ve been together..

7 August 2004,

We were in your cousin’s bday party which actually a friend of mine. You shook my hand carelessly, and so do i. Nothing happened after that. Few months later, i was listening to one song that i really like in a CD which was played in your cousin’s car and apparently it was your CD.

I asked her to borrowed the CD, but she asked me to asked you cos it’s yours. With a little shy I finally asked your permission to borrow the CD, and you didn’t mind. Afterwards, we frequently texting each other (no bbm at that time :p).

From that time, i know that you’re the coldest,hard, careless, unromantic person I’ve ever crush on :p. You often reply my text-chaptered-novel-alike with just one word like “Iya”, “Oke”, “Thanks”, and so on… I was like ggrrrhhhhh… hahahaha…

But you kept surprised me with your carelessly. You once suddenly bought me a series of Fantasy Novels that i want it so bad, and i was like jumping around :)). And in the 1 January 2005, you asked me to be your girlfriend! It so cheesy yet romantic when i recall that moment *LOL* and we became a couple! hahaha….

Lots of ups and downs in our relationship. From me, from you. But we kept holding on. Until last year you asked me to marry you unromantically, indirectly.. :))))

All i know is just you want me to marry you, your parents wants to come and that’s it. Eventhough I asked you to propose me just like in the movie (LOL), instead of did it, you refuse it and give me something much more beautiful than a romantic proposal, A Beautiful Marriage Life and our soon-to-be Baby in my Tummy (which is hardly kicks me at the moment)… :’)

Once again, Happy Birthday my Bestman…

Hopefully, our lil family becomes your best gift ever.. And you will always be my greatest Imam Dunya Akhirah.. InsyaAllah Amiinn ya rabb.. :’)


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