My Walimatul Ursy

I recall that i’ve ever wanted to show you guys my walimatul ursy ceremony.. the “Akad” was held the day before my Traditional Javanese Wedding Reception in my house. because i’m the only child in the family so my Mom always wants me to get married in our house.

I’m so happy that i could designed my own wedding dress!. I also satisfied with the make up. Mbak Carol from Wardah was the one who made me even more stunning in my big big day :). Me and my husband also decided to have a very simple wedding ring. There’s only our finger print that printed on it, we love it so much! *eventhough we rarely wear it now LOL*.

Oh, and a small reception also held at that time. I was wearing Modern Batavia Wedding dress and sang a song for my husband after party, hahahaha *I turn people’s back the whole song LOL*. Anyway, that moment is always the greatest moment to memorize to.. 🙂

ps: pardon my pug nose :p


One thought on “My Walimatul Ursy

  1. You looked stunning, Talitha!!
    Love the 3rd picture 😀
    Hope the marriage is even more beautiful than the wedding party… Happy ever after, aamiin ^^

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